Our Goal

The mission of EMPACT is to increase recruitment and retention of racial/ethnic minorities into therapeutic clinical trials with the ultimate goal of reducing cancer-related health disparities.

Our Vision

To ensure that all cancer patients have access to innovative, high quality cancer care and the best possible outcome regardless of race or ethnicity.

Video Transcript

Welcome to the EMPACT website. I’m Selwyn Vickers, chairman of Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota and co-P.I. of the EMPACT consortium. The EMPACT consortium was formed in 2009 to impact the national ongoing challenge of persistent health disparities and underrepresented minorities by enhancing their participation in clinical trials.

The founding members of this consortium are the University of Minnesota, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Johns Hopkins University, the University of California Davis and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. The overall goal of this unique consortium is to increase recruitment and retention of racial and ethnic minorities into clinical trials with the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities.

Health disparities occur in multiple cancers, particularly colon, breast, and ovarian. Underrepresented minority populations have had a well documented history of disparities in these tumors. Minority groups also have a higher incidence of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Mortality from these diseases and health outcomes are significantly worse in these populations.

We realize that new knowledge and improved outcomes are directly linked to the results from clinical trials. Research has shown that given the opportunity, minority patients are just willing to be involved in clinical trials as the general population. Yet with this knowledge less than one percent of all clinical trial participants are from underrepresented minority groups. Research done by EMPACT investigators as well as other investigators suggest that a comprehensive effort is needed at multiple levels to overcome these barriers to clinical trial participation.

In order to help lead and define this national effort, the EMPACT consortium and its members have developed this website that will provide you with training and other resources to enhance minority enrollment into clinical trials. We’re pleased that you’ve joined us in this effort to make a difference in the well-being of all Americans to reducing disparities and underrepresented minorities.

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