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Jennifer Wenzel, PhD, RN, CCM, FAAN

Dr. Wenzel helps to lead Region 1 within the national Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities program. Dr. Wenzel also directs the Johns Hopkins branch of Enhancing Minority Participation in Clinical Trials (EMPaCT).

The significance of Dr. Wenzel’s research has been recognized through prestigious early career faculty awards from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Working with interdisciplinary teams from the JHU Schools of Medicine and Public Health, she leads multi-institutional interventions to improve collaborative cancer decision-making and treatment for patients and care partners through innovative and supportive interventions.

Dr. Wenzel’s interventions are designed to improve cancer experiences for patients and care partners and to address existing disparities in health outcomes.  Her major contribution to nursing is the innovative extension of nurse-community health worker navigation interventions to include family or other patient-designated care partners. Her theoretical and empirical work contributes to the state-of-the-science on cancer support for patients, families, and communities. These efforts include cancer screening and treatment, practice and policy, and, most recently, the development of a model of clinical trial enrollment among minority patients that includes the importance of care partners and their potential contributions to decision outcomes of satisfaction or regret.

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Olive Mbah, MHS

Senior Research Assistant and Project Coordinator, Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Ms. Mbah is trained as an epidemiologist with experience in study design and data analysis, data collection and management, IRB regulatory processes, resource management and project coordination.
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Dina Lansey M.S.N, R.N, O.C.N

Lisa Sherdan, Patient Navigator

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