Hello, I’m Doctor Harold Freeman. I am CEO and founder of the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute in New York City. I’m also the founding pioneer of the Patient Navigation Concept, a model which addresses disparities in access to diagnosis and treatment, particularly among poor and uninsured people.

This program is designed to assist medically under served patients in navigating their way through a complex healthcare system, by overcoming barriers to timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. I join my colleagues at the EMPACT Consortium in their commitment to increase minority participation in clinical trials.

Successful recruitment of minorities into clinical trials requires identifying and consulting individuals who are knowledgeable about and trusted by members of the minority community; engaging the community as a partner; recognizing cultural perspectives and providing clear and adequate information regarding risks, benefits, costs, and time required to participate in clinical trials; and adhering to the principles of community-based participatory research.

The overall objective of this module is to help you understand the importance of building trust and establishing rapport among minority communities to learn the theoretical framework of building trust and establishing rapport and to utilize these strategies to increase minority recruitment into clinical trials.

We will approach these concepts from the perspective of navigation. First, it is important to recognize the historical and cultural perspectives contributing to trust and mistrust among minority communities toward medical research. You will learn that theoretical framework of the building trust and rapport with members of diverse populations, and how to apply these concepts to strengthen relationships with patients, healthcare providers and the community in your own institution.

Secondly, we will help you identify the necessary strategies to build trust establish rapport and apply those concepts to increase minority recruitment into clinical trials. Finally we will present tools you can use to evaluate and operationalize trust and rapport in terms of measurable outcomes.

Now that I’ve introduced these concepts, I invite you to review the content of this training module. We at EMPACT are committed to enhancing the participation minorities in clinical trials. Thank you for taking time to review this module and completing the activities.