Metrics Driven Recruitment

  1. Patient population data inform clinical trial recruitment, retention and adherence targets
  2. Recruitment strategies developed are
    • site-specific
    • trial-specific
    • institution-specific
  3. Recruitment strategies are monitored and adapted throughout the trial

Cancer Center Minority Recruitment Goals

Must ensure that Cancer Centers

  • attract populations roughly representative of catchment area in race/ethnicity
  • accrue minorities to interventional trials in proportion to catchment area

Ref: NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 (Section 429B)
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Use of Inclusion of Women and Minorities Form

  • NIH policy Public Law 103-43 (1993)
  • Ethical principle of justice and balancing research burdens and benefits
  • Part of post-award monitoring
  • Required for Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)Renewal Report (5 year intervals)
  • Includes both target and enrollment numbers
  • Categories-Ethnicity; Race and Gender