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Cancer Clinical Trials: A Resource Guide for Outreach, Education, and Advocacy

The interactive workbook provides direction and guidance for individuals and organizations interested in developing specific clinical trial outreach and education activities.

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    This is but one of several outstanding resources that hopefully by access may actually be used and reflected in practice. This venue helps address dissemination issues.

    Questions & Answers:
    • Describe environment where resource was used (e.g. clinic, community setting, etc).
      Included as part of training and mentoring component for incoming fellows and trainees. Shared with junior investigators as a resource and initial discussion piece to highlight complexity and multiple factors and parameters that have a bearing on their patient's interaction with them from a perspective from which they were not trained.
    • Target population (e.g. all patients, Hispanics, etc)
      Providers and trainees.
    • How was resource delivered to target population (e.g. handed out by nurses, kept in waiting area, etc).
      Webviewing in small conference room.
    • What worked and what did not (general impression)?
      While most of the basic information and background is present, some appears dated and tied to problems that might have been mitigated. For instance, the reference to Tuskeegee while important can seem over done.
    Reviewed by Richard A. Hajek, MD Anderson Cancer Center on September 6, 2013
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